Our goal is to provide simple, functional, and sustainable facilities at the most economic rates possible. We offer facilities, resources, and utilities, including solar showers,
wood stoves, kitchens, and laboratories. The station has the capacity to comfortably
house around 25 people.

Off Grid Living

One of Salmon Coast Society’s core objectives is to support place-based research through the infrastructure of our remote field station.

The station started as the home of biologist Alexandra Morton. Over the past decades, it has grown to serve the needs of a larger group of visiting researchers and staff. It encompasses several living cabins, a wet and dry lab, dock with space for several boats, and a workshop.

We aim to optimize sustainability, and utilize off-grid systems including solar and micro-hydro energy, a gravity-fed spring water system, gardens for food production, and wood stoves for heating. We encourage all users to be mindful of their impact, which we are intimately aware of due to our proximity to the land.

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